U.S. ARH to Fly Raytheon Targeting Sensor?

By Jim McKenna | November 8, 2007
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Has the configuration of the U.S. Army's ARH-70A Arapaho been changed to replace the FLIR Systems targeting sensor with one from Raytheon? The FLIR targeting and acquisition sensor system has been a key element in delays that have slipped deliveries of the Bell Helicopter aircraft more than a year. The problems have centered on its integration with the Rockwell Collins Common Avionics Architecture System cockpit. Those delays coincided with Army efforts to field the fixed-wing Extended Range/MP Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. Its similar targeting requirements had Army officials investigating a common sensor for the platforms. But the Army has said consistently the Bell ARH team, including FLIR, was intact. Yesterday, however, the Pentagon put out a boilerplate announcement of an $11 million job to Raytheon as part of an $800 million contract for a common sensor for the two aircraft. Stand by for more. For related news


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