Rotorcraft Report: Bosnian Air Force Has "New" Gazelles Checked Out

By Staff Writer | December 1, 2007


Bosnia and Herzegovina’s defense ministry awarded aviation-service company IKAR a contract for scheduled inspection of six Eurocopter Gazelles of the Bosnian air force and air defense (Zracne snage i protivzracna odbrana, or ZS i PZO). Banja Luka-based IKAR is to perform a "C2" inspection on five Gazelles, and a "4C1" inspection on another. The helicopters joined the ZS i PZO after that unified air arm was created on Sept. 18 at Zaluzani air base, near Banja Luka, by integrating previously separate Muslim-Croat and Serb military aviation components. After IKAR completes the work, the six Gazelles will get air force serial numbers and insignias. Apart from investing in the Gazelles, Bosnia’s defense ministry has secured funds for general overhauls and limited modernization of five Mil Mi-8s that are undergoing work at the Konotop-based Aviakon aircraft repair plant in Ukraine. They are scheduled to return to Bosnia and Herzegovina by the end of the year. — By Igor Bozinovski


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