Company Profile: BLR Aerospace: Aerospace Enhancement Is Our Mission

By Staff Writer | January 1, 2008
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BLR’s package of aerodynamic enhancements for rotorcraft is revolutionizing the industry. Our technology expands the envelope for helicopter operators striving to achieve maximum return on their capital investment.

Helicopters limited to less than fully productive payloads now lift more. They achieve greater in-flight stability and they operate at higher density altitudes with greater payloads than ever before. More and more operators are flying new and more challenging missions because BLR technology makes it possible.

To kick off 2008, BLR is introducing its package of FastFin™ technology for Bell 212 helicopters and will follow shortly after with a similar package of enhancements for Bell 412s. Preliminary tests already show a dramatic increase in payload for 212s and the results will be even stronger when tests are concluded for 412s.


Dramatic payload increases will enable greater mission effectiveness for 212 and 412 operators worldwide. And, its not just payload. Flight stability also is improved and that means lower pilot fatigue and less fatigue on your airframe, both enhancing safety.

It is all part of BLR’s mission to help operators perform better: More payload, greater stability, more efficient operations and increased safety. BLR continues to be the only company focused on improving the aerodynamic performance in widely produced helicopters.

BLR’s legacy is improving the performance for both fixed- and rotary-winged aircraft. That’s all we do and we do it very well.

For more information: BLR Aerospace, 9730 29th Avenue West, Everett WA 98204 USA. 800-257-4847.

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