Company Profile: FEC Heliports: Company Wins First Major European Heliport Project  

By Staff Writer | January 1, 2008
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The contract for the provision of a 28 metre wide octagonal rooftop heliport for a cardiology hospital in Aalst, Belgium is currently in manufacture. It will be delivered in March 2008 following the reconstruction of local access roads around the hospital. The contract was won through a newly formed international sales and marketing company, FEC Heliports Worldwide Ltd., based in Buckinghamshire, England.

FEC Heliports is a division of Federal Equipment Company [FEC] of Ohio. The parent company was founded in 1982, beginning life as a small replacement parts supplier of material handling equipment to the US Army, Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard and in shipyards throughout the world. It was the company’s extensive military based experience that paved the way for it to expand into the commercial market and in 1996 opened the doors for the creation of FEC Heliports.

The company can provide a comprehensive initial technical and operational assessment and feasibility study service for potential customers interested in constructing rooftop or ground-bearing heliports. It maintains an extensive in-house staff of experienced structural engineers, heliport designers and consultants as well as teams of fabricators and installers. FEC Heliports is staffed to handle multiple heliport projects and yet give any one project the first class and unique attention it deserves, and to provide technical and spares support for all its products.


FEC Heliport’s engineering department has spent many years perfecting its HELISLAT rooftop helipad design. Over the past 10 years it has probably designed, manufactured and installed more rooftop aluminium helipads than anyone else in the world, until now mostly throughout the USA, Canada and South America. With nearly 200 rooftop installations completed in the US and abroad, HELISLAT has been consistently successful, with failure free installations in almost every type of climatic and operational conditions. The company also provides overlay solutions for repairing defective heliport surfaces with its interlocking HELOMAT replacement landing surface.

FEC Heliports has recently brought the concept of a ‘heliport in a box’ to the market. First exhibited in prototype at the Dubai Helishow in December 2006, FEC Heliports’ PORTAPAD is an entirely new concept aimed at both private and public helicopter operators. PORTAPAD requires nothing more than reasonably level ground; no foundations, concrete supports or tie-downs are necessary and the helipad can even be installed on a slope. It is prefabricated for self-assembly, capable of handling aircraft weighing up to 6,800 kg (15,000 pounds) and comes in two configurations, 6 metres and 9 metres square. Each unit takes two men about two hours to assemble, can be fitted with ICAO compliant lighting and can be used in conjunction with most related FEC Heliports’ products such as wind-cones, glide slope indicators and remote light activation systems.

With an all-up weight of the largest unit just 4,300 kg, PORTAPAD is easily managed and highly portable between venues, and FEC Heliports sees it being particularly attractive to event organizers needing temporary, dry, off-ground landing platforms that require virtually no site preparation. PORTAPAD has the added advantage that it can be supplied with access steps and side-skirts up to 900mm high that provide exceptional advertising opportunities for sponsors.

For customers outside the USA, Canada and South America, FEC Heliports Worldwide Ltd will now be the first point of contact with the company, and its directors will be available to meet them and discuss their project at the job site at short notice almost anywhere in the world.

Check out FEC Heliports’ many products in person at Heli-Expo 2008. The company can be found at booth 47 and 3750!

Contact: FEC Heliports, Saxeway Business Centre, Chartridge Lane, Chesham, Buckinghamshire HP5 2SH, United Kingdom. Telephone +44 (0)1494, 775226, Website:, E-mail: or

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