Company Profile: Paradigm Aerospace: Building Relationships One Quality Delivery at a Time…On Time.

By Staff Writer | January 1, 2008
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Exceptional Quality And Support for Turbine Helicopters Worldwide

Paradigm Aerospace Corporation today has evolved into a helicopter and aviation facility that strives, to deliver an exceptional experience for the pilot and owner/operators of light to medium turbine helicopters.’ The goal is to provide an overall product and service that is exceptional in quality and completed right the first time 100% of the time. Working closely with the operators allows us to gain an understanding of their missions, their requirements and their expectations. We listen. We respond. We try to become an integral part of the long-term plan for the use their helicopter.

And, Paradigm Aerospace is focused on developing strong and dynamic relationships with customers that will be lifelong. "We take the time to work with our customers to determine what their needs and expectations are, and we respond to those needs and expectations through innovative solutions, quality craftsmanship and very personal service," explains Paradigm President Ed Pears.


Our capabilities cover a broad range of helicopter services. Within the past several years, the company has moved from a Bell only facility to one that encompasses additional brands. "The company grew as a Bell-only facility," he continues. "During the past 28 months, we have seen an increase in the need to diversify our service and support of other helicopter manufacturers. We have continued to develop our relationship with Agusta Aerospace by providing exceptionally responsive completions to supplement their increased production and delivery schedules. We have completed over 18 completions of Agusta AW119’s over the past 24 months.

"In 2008, we will be focusing energy on expanding our capability to work with other helicopter manufacturers to support their products and their customers. But a key focus of our business will always be to provide innovative and very personal service and support to individual helicopter owners and operators who need access to our full contract customizing and completions services," Pears concludes. "Providing fast, full service is what Paradigm is all about."

Paradigm’s Capabilities
  Maintenance Completions Avionics Special Mission Design/ Development Other Services
  FAA Repair Sta. Customer Service Facility Overhauls Parts Paint Interiors Kits Equipment, Radios, Communications, Flight Control Systems, Entertainment Systems ENG, EMS, Police, Fire, and SAR STC International Maintenance International Shipping
Bell X X X X X X X X X X X X
Agusta X   X X X X X X X X X X

As an FAA Repair Station, we offer maintenance services for turbine-powered aircraft from light to medium duty. For Bell, we developed into a highly experienced maintenance facility with a wide range of experience along with processes to enable service performance that provides a significantly lower direct operating cost than fleet averages. In addition, Paradigm Aerospace is a full service dealer and installer for leading avionics manufacturers. Considerable expertise in avionics provides customers with the best possible equipment brand recommendations to fit their mission covering these areas: a wide range of radios, flight control systems, mission-specific communications and electronics and entertainment systems. As a QPS-110 class completion center for Bell Helicopter Textron over the years, Paradigm has proven to be a leader in paint and interior finishing throughout the past sixteen years. The Paradigm finishing process along with highly experienced personnel deliver a paint finish that is exceptional and considered one of the best in the aviation business.

With our paint finishing and overall aircraft experience, we offer exceptional customization for corporate and special mission requirements. The company has an extensive portfolio for ENG and EMS, as well as, for police, search and rescue, fire fighting mission customizing. Our customers utilize helicopters for executive transport, passenger transport, emergency medical services, law enforcement search and rescue, fire fighting duties and for offshore.

For further information:

Paradigm Aerospace Corporation

226 Airport Road

Mt. Pleasant, PA 15666

Voice: 724-887-4413, Fax: 724-887-3977

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