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By Staff Writer | January 1, 2008
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Sagem Avionics is a leading manufacturer of Integrated Cockpit Display Systems (ICDS) offering six, eight, and ten inch display panels for fixed wing and rotorcraft applications.


The ICDS displays; models ICDS-6, ICDS-8, or ICDS-10 are interchangeable and may be installed in portrait or landscape orientations. Sagem Avionics’ open architecture design allows equipment interchangeability throughout the life of the system. The Sagem ICDS can be configured for Primary Flight Display (PFD) and Multi-Function Display (MFD), individually or in combinations.

Sagem Avionics hosts primary flight and composite engine data on the PFD with multiple navigation sources available via Electronic Heading Situation Indicator (EHSI). The MFD has many functions Sagem’s competitors have yet to achieve; such as reversion mode providing display back-up capabilities, composite modes displaying PFD and engine one panel data, full Engine Management System (EMS) data, moving maps, and topographical features.


A very popular and attractive feature: Sagem MFDs can display video inputs from fixed low light cameras in real vision (versus synthetic data), and small (lipstick type) cameras directed toward flight components like the tail rotor. In addition, Sagem MFDs can display HD camera/FLIR and similar video system feeds used for homeland security and public safety applications. Finally, Sagem Avionics will soon offer XM Weather on their MFD with a small joystick type human interface for XM weather menu selections. Sagem Avionics has the system for your solution!

The New ICDS-6

Our latest ICDS offers a 6.4" Active Matrix Liquid Crystal Display (LCD). The six-inch display interfaces with aircraft systems to provide a centralized data source combined with information in alphanumeric text and graphic formats that provide enhanced situational awareness, increased flight safety and efficiency, and reduced pilot workloads. Depending on the configuration, the ICDS-6 can function as a Primary Flight Display (PFD) Multi-Function Display (MFD), Engine Monitoring System (EMS), Navigation Display (ND), or in combination with other Sagem displays.

The ICDS-8

The ICDS-8 offers an 8.4" Active Matrix LCD. The eight-inch display interfaces with the ICDS-6 or ICDS-10 and has the same capabilities as the other ICDS panels.

The ICDS-10

Sagem’s largest display with a 10.4" Active Matrix LCD panel, the ICDS-10 interfaces with aircraft systems to provide a central display for integration, computation, and control, but offers a larger size for instrument panels with available space. Like the ICDS-6 or ICDS-8, the ICDS-10 displays information in alphanumeric text and graphic formats to provide enhanced situational awareness, safety, and efficiency. Also like the ICDS-6 and 8, the ICDS-10 can function as a Multi-Function Display (MFD), Primary Flight Display (PFD), Engine Monitoring System (EMS), Navigation Display (ND), or a combination of those displays and is interchangeable with other displays; can be mounted in portrait or landscape orientations and can be programmed for reversionary modes to provide additional back-up capabilities.

Who We Are

Sagem Avionics Inc. a Delaware incorporated company with headquarters in Dallas, Texas is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sagem Défense Sécurité, a SAFRAN Group Company. Sagem Avionics, Inc. provides high quality avionics products and services. These include technical support, MRO services, and marketing and sales of SFIM, ARNAV, AVIAC and SAGEM commercial aerospace products including ICDS, helicopter automatic flight control systems (autopilot) and components, aircraft condition and monitoring systems, flight operations quality assurance software, and satellite communications for aircraft.

Contact: Sagem Avionics, Inc.

2701 Forum Drive

Grand Prairie, TX 75052

Ph: 972-314-3607

Fax: 972-314-3640

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