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New Engines for V-22?

By James T. McKenna | March 27, 2008
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Separate from its current disagreement with Rolls-Royce over engine support for the V-22, the U.S. Marine Corps may have to consider a new engine for the tilt-rotor transport. Rolls misjudged component lives in crafting a power-by-the-hour support agreement for the AE1107C Liberty engines on the Osprey, according to program officials. The manufacturer is losing money on that pact and wants out, which started the Marines thinking about an alternative engine. Even without that dispute, the V-22 program manager said, the Osprey's weight growth--typical as an aircraft in service is modified--may require more power than the Liberty can provide. Marine Col. Matthew Mulhern said, for instance, a Marine plan to put a 7.62mm, computerized, all-aspect gun on the Osprey later this year would add 700-800 lb to the aircraft.--Richard Whittle For related news


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