Paradigm Installs Imaging System on Bell 407

By Staff Writer | April 23, 2008
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Paradigm Aerospace Corp completed the installation of a Polytech Kelvin 275 infrared and daylight imaging camera system on a Bell 407 that is owned and operated by Allegheny Power. The primary use for the aircraft is electrical power transmission line patrol and the camera will capture the heat signatures of potential problem areas on the transmission lines, greatly enhancing the safety and effectiveness of the aircraft’s mission. Installation consisted of mounting the camera on the aircraft exterior using a quick mount/quick disconnect dovetail style mount. Video is displayed on two monitors in the aircraft, cockpit and cabin. Paradigm custom designed and manufactured the cabinet used to mount the cabin camera. Allegheny Power requested that the entire camera system be easily removable to allow for corporate use of the aircraft. To accomplish this objective Paradigm designed and fabricated a custom cabinet that incorporated all of the system components. Included in the cabinet are two Avalex digital video recorders, one 17 inch split screen monitor and areas for mounting the remaining components of the camera system (i.e.: power supply, processor, etc). The cabinet is mounted in the left-hand aft facing passenger seat. Mr. Bill Etling, lines transmission maintenance coordinator for Allegheny Power said, “Everyone is very impressed the console Paradigm manufactured to hold all of the components for the FLIR system and computers. The console meets and exceeds everything that we had thought we could have. With the installation of the FLIR, we have taken our power line patrols to a much higher level. Everyone here is impressed with the quality, support and willingness to work with us." For related news


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