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Boeing’s Return to the Civil Market?

By Staff Writer | June 17, 2008
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A recent briefing by the aerospace company for investors and financial analysts has some observers wondering if that will happen. Jim Albaugh, president and CEO of Boeing Integrated Defense Systems, was pressed at that event on whether Boeing would sell its military helicopter product line before defense budgets start to dip. (Integrated Defense Systems includes Boeing’s Rotorcraft Div.) He said any rumors to that effect "are not true." He was then asked if, given the booming commercial market, Boeing would leverage its rotorcraft expertise to re-enter the civil market. Noting that the 10-year non-compete clause in its sale of the old Hughes Helicopter line to MD Helicopters is about to expire, Albaugh said, "Certainly, when we go through our strategic planning process, those are things that we revisit, and as this 10-year non-compete comes to an end, it’s probably time to really look at that hard.” For related news


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