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Nominate Your Helicopter Hero

By Staff Writer | June 23, 2008
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August 1, 2008 is the deadline for nominations for Rotor & Wing’s Helicopter Heroism Awards. If you know of displays of heroism and flying skills involving helicopter crews and individuals on missions conducted in calendar year 2007, go here to nominate them. This year awards will be given an expanded set of categories that include the following operational sectors: public service, military, commercial/corporate/private. Nominations to date include a U.S. Coast Guard team that prevailed despite being temporarily blinded by a flare lit by the survivors they were rescuing (as well as dense fog and a glitchy fix on the survivors' location) and an Australian crew that hoisted to safety 18 mariners who had run aground during gale-force winds. The awards will be presented September 18 at the 2008 Search & Rescue Summit being held in Reston, Va. To register for that event, click here.


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