Boeing and the Blimp?

By James T. McKenna | July 3, 2008
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Some of us who headed to Montreal in early May for the American Helicopter Society International's annual gathering were intrigued by hints that Boeing would break some news there. Specifically, a well-informed insider or two at the Army Aviation Assn of America yearly convention a month earlier had said Boeing was on the verge of unveiling a partnership aimed at fielding a lighter-than-air, heavy-lift concept. AHS's Technical Forum in Montreal was likely to be the venue for an announcement, given the forward-looking, technical nature of that event. There was some thought that the company envisioned pairing a version of a blimp with its Chinook helicopter--or dynamics components from it. Whatever the form of the aircraft, its objective would be to satisfy heavy-lift requirements of the U.S. Army and other military services that threaten to rapidly exceed the capabilities of traditional rotorcraft. Those requirements remain in a high state of flux. But the Technical Forum came and went with no announcement; word was the Boeing was still ironing out the details of the partnership. So the question lingers: Whence Boeing's blimp? For related news


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