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New Collapsible Helo Platform

By Staff Writer | July 25, 2008
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Va.-Based Aerial Machine and Tool Corp has manufactured the Airborne Tactical Extraction Platform (AirTEP), which was created by Paris-based Escape International and can be used for fast removal or insertion of people via helicopter. Escape approached Aerial because, “the company needed to manufacture in North America because they believe that the U.S. military may be one of their biggest clients and in order for that to happen, they would need a product of U.S. origin, a product that was manufactured in the United States” according to a company spokesperson. AirTEP is a 116-pd, compact, collapsible platform that can carry up to 10 personnel in full military gear, making it easier for mass evacuation or insertion. It can also be used to transfer cargo and equipment, is designed for multiple helicopter platforms and is engineered for use in harsh environments on land or at sea. According to the company, AirTEP was rated for a maximum airspeed of 115 mph/100 kt fully loaded and can be operated in temperatures ranging from -22 F to +122 F. Maximum recommended load is 3,300 pd. For related news


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