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Private Pilot Helps Crash Victims

By Staff Writer | August 6, 2008
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A grandfather and grandson were injured yesterday when their amateur-built, single-engine, fixed-wing aircraft crashed in a field soon after takeoff from Erie Airpark in Erie, Colo. Gui Cipriani, a certified pilot was training Jake Harmon when the pair saw the crash. “The winds were perfect for autorotation landing, I saw the plane taking off and crash almost immediately,” Cipriani told R&W, “We circled and called in the crash to metro tower. We were about a quarter mi away and were on the ground within 45 sec. I landed about 25 yd from the crash.” Cipriani’s EC 120 took 45 sec to shutdown, but Harmon, a certified EMT, ran from the helicopter to help the trapped grandson. As soon as Cipriani shut the helo down, he rushed to the victims. “By the time I arrived the grandfather was walking around. It was tandem seating and the grandson was stuck,” said Cipriani, “Police were there within three min, but paramedics took about 15 min because they couldn’t find their way into the field. We spent the time tending to the boy, trying to keep him calm and distract him.” Both victims are expected to recover. The crash will be investigated. For related news


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