USMC Flying the UH-1Ys

By Staff Writer | August 28, 2008
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The helicopters, built by Bell, began operating this month. They can fly farther, faster and have a greater load capacity, 125 percent higher, than the UH-1N (the UH-1N is being rebuilt and redesigned into the UH-1Y) and also boasts a fully integrated, NVG-compatible glass cockpit, an advanced electronic warfare self-protection suite and a new composite four-bladed rotor system. Powered by twin GE T700s, the UH-1Y was designed with more than 80 percent interoperability with the AH-1Z (Super Cobra), which will allow for primary part and components swapping between the two aircraft, resulting in less AOG time. The Corps is expected to acquire more than 100 of the helicopters during the next eight years. For related news


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