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By Staff Writer | September 1, 2008
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A preview of a new forum to guarantee vendors the opportunity to showcase products and announcements to our worldwide audience.

Introducing the Latest in Airborne Video Recording

Avalex Technologies introduces the AVR8100 series Digital Video Recorder. Reliable and easy to use, the AVR 8100 records crisp, high-quality video and audio directly to a jump drive, flash card or the internal solid state drive. Captured video can be removed immediately for playback on any laptop or PC. Compact and lightweight, the standard dzus-width unit fits easily into even the most cramped panels.

  • Simple operation: Off, Stop, Record

  • Up to 10 hours Internal Record Time

  • Rugged and Reliable Solid State Memory

  • Small and Lightweight (2.3 lb)

Avalex will soon follow the AVR8100 with the AVR8200 Digital Video Recorder, featuring in-aircraft audio and video playback.

Frasca International Certifies and Delivers Level 6 Helicopter Flight Training Devices for New Era Training Center in Lake Charles, La.

The Frasca EC-135 CPDS P2+ FTD is the first Level 6 helicopter Flight Simulation Training Device (FSTD) under the FAA part 60 rule. The AS-350 B2 FTD is scheduled for Level 6 qualification later this year. Both FTDs offer exact cockpit replication and feature Frasca’s TruVision 220 visual system. The AS350B2 FTD supports training in offshore support environments as well as winter weather operations in Alaska, while the EC-135 FTD duplicates the Era single pilot IFR configuration. Era Training Center provides training for Era Helicopters and third-party operators, offering a broad range of courses designed for air medical operators, corporate aircraft owners and airborne law enforcement personnel. The facility in Lake Charles offers cutting-edge classrooms, custom briefing areas and allows real-time training in Era’s diverse fleet of light-, medium- and heavy-lift aircraft.

Radiant Power Corp Introduces SENTINEL-The Only FAA-compliant Recorder Independent Power Supply

Radiant Power, a division of the Electronic Technologies Group of HEICO Corp, has introduced SENTINEL, an independent power supply that provides 10 minutes of additional power for crash survivable cockpit voice recorders (CVRs), as now required by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) on all aircraft of 10 passengers or more. Introduced after two years of research and development, SENTINEL automatically engages to ensure continued recording after all normal aircraft power ceases, helping to prevent the loss of data acquisition caused by recorder power interruptions, which can hinder aviation accident and incident investigations. SENTINEL is the first CVR Independent Power Supply to be compliant with ARINC 777 and meets TSO-C155 certification standards. This lightweight unit supports cockpit voice, image and data recorders and interfaces with all ARINC 757/767 type CVRs.

Professional Safety Training and a Write-off to Las Vegas at the End of This Month

Helicopter Foundation International’s Professional Education On-the-Road Series is going to Las Vegas. Beginning September 29, three safety-related classes will be hosted at the Westin Casuarina in Las Vegas. Leadership: A Safety Imperative is a one-day course taught by Gary Cataldo that examines leadership styles and processes related to implementing and maintaining a comprehensive Safety Management System. The two-day Safety Management Course, taught by Michael Alvarado, is designed to provide participants with the skills necessary to develop, implement and manage a comprehensive safety program. The fourth day of the series will offer a one-day Flight Operations course: Improving Internal Communications with Steve Bassett. This is an interactive course that identifies communication problems inherent in typical flight operations. The knowledge gained from these courses will provide an organization the tools needed to pursue safety goals. For prices and details, go to

AvMap/Navigation’s EKP-IV PRO Delivers SAR, Detailed Street Mapping and Address Search Capability

AvMap/Navigation has introduced the EKP-IV PRO portable GPS moving map system, specifically designed for law enforcement, SAR and homeland security customers. Enhancements include: SAR patterns (Expanding Square, Rectangle & Circle) with User-Definable Planning, TeleAtlas Street/City data (included with the purchase of the unit), Street/City Address Search capability, Pilot Configurable Alarms (for TCAs) and Checklists, and compatibility with APRS (Automatic Position Reporting System). The 7" diagonal sunlight-viewable color display is the largest portable GPS/Moving Map system available. This latest model allows users to switch between horizontal or vertical orientation, allowing use as a kneeboard or in a variety of other mounts. Other new features include Worldwide Terrain and Jeppesen data as well as availability of street data coverage for all of the US, Canada, Europe, South Africa and Brazil, with XM weather coming soon.

High-Tech NVG Training with Experienced Professionals

The Night Flight Concepts (NFC) night vision technology training programs feature the high fidelity Virtual Terrain Board (VTB) Training System by Night Readiness, LLC. The VTB is designed to introduce new Night Vision Goggle (NVG) users to the capabilities and limitations of NVGs. The system is also used for typical annual refresher courses required by many operational organizations. The training format provides an immersive environment where the student views a normal unaided night scene in a blacked out classroom. When viewed through NVGs, the same scene will be an extremely high-definition, true physics-based NVG representation. The VTB creates various NVG attributes that are included in the NVG course objectives for initial, recurrent, and instructor training. In addition to NVG training, Night Flight Concepts also provides FAA TSO NVGs, STC/MILSPEC NVG lighting, FAA-approved ANVIS maintenance and professional night vision consultation.

Now You Can See in Environments Where NVGs Fail

The Kollsman General Aviation Vision System (GAViS) is an external Infra-Red camera system that provides intuitive images for safety-critical decision-making in environments where NVG’s fail-bright environments, around trees and foliage, wires and power lines, and dark moonless/starless nights. Even better, GAViS is compact-only 3.5 lb-and can be installed in any location on top or bottom of the aircraft. The system is designed for easy retrofitting with minimum aircraft modifications due to its size, aerodynamic hermetically sealed fairing enclosure and single box installation. There are no fairings to design and no power supply modules to install. GAViS requires only standard +28 VDC, and outputs standard RS-170 analog video to any aircraft monitor or electronic flight bag. GAViS is designed to complement NVG usage in the cockpit, and is ideal for EMS, law enforcement and other special mission aircraft.

An HD Camera So Hot, it Got its Own Presidential Waiver for the Olympics

Law Enforcement readers are familiar with the spectacularly crisp images that are produced by Axsys Technologies’ V14 MSII camera system. The MSII model, which became commercially available in early 2008, combines best-in-class resolution with a thermal imager and includes options like laser rangefinder, laser illuminator and laser pointer capabilities-and of course, utilizes a five axis redundant stabilization system to provide unmatched image quality. Even the single sensor version-the V14 HD, incorporates military-grade stabilizing components, and therefore would have been banned from entering China-but President Bush signed a temporary waiver, allowing the camera into the country to provide television viewers with a unique perspective of the Olympic proceedings, including the opening and closing ceremonies and a variety of other events during the games. Now THAT is a hot product!

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