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Rotorcraft Report: Axsys’ Enhancement to Hi-Def Camera System

By Staff Writer | September 1, 2008
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ALEA 2008

Axsys Technologies of Grass Valley, Calif. used the 38th annual ALEA Conference as a backdrop to introduce its new, military-grade applications that it said would "significantly enhance" its’ high-definition V14HD MSII video system. Specifically, the applications are designed to reduce cockpit workload by simplifying the user/system interface.

The first application, dubbed the HDU-900, is a high-performance computer, high-definition processor and power conditioner. The other item is the TCC-500 software package, which is a digitally-based unit that utilizes touch-screen technology to control the system more easily. Together, the HDU-990 and the TCC-500 simplify controlling the functions of the MSII HD camera, gimbal, geo-pointing/mapping, image fusion, downlink and digital video recording functions by reducing them to commands on a touch screen. The result is reduced workload for the operator. Best of all, says the company, there is no need to alter existing equipment.

"Since this is a fully digital platform, it provides us with the flexibility to meet the needs of different markets," said Rob Hulse, VP of engineering. "These new additions to our product will aid our clients significantly because they will enable them to process the surveillance video quickly, which will allow the user to recognize exactly what they’re looking at."


Axsys said the stability and high resolution of the V14HD MSII system are so precise, its images are generally considered admissible as evidence in court.

Axsys also took the opportunity to announce that the DeKalb County, Ga. Police Dept signed a contract to equip its next three Eurocopter AS350B3s with the V14HD MSII video system. Delivery of those aircraft should take place during 2009.

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