Rotorcraft Report: Global Vectra Taps Military for Pilots

By Staff Writer | September 1, 2008
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Offshore helicopter services provider Global Vectra Helicorp is turning to India’s military as a source for desperately needed pilots, in part to support its startup of overseas operations.

The Economic Times of India quoted the company’s CEO, David Hayler, as saying, "We need more pilots. We are talking to ex-military pilots, who are likely to join us soon." Global Vectra has purchased two new Bell Helicopter Model 412s and plans to add three more for operations in the Middle East, Indonesia and Vietnam.


Both helicopter pilots and mechanics are in high demand in India.

In a related development, Global Vectra has struck a two-year agreement with Reliance Industries and the Oil and Natural Gas Corp of India as part of its effort to hedge against fuel price increases.

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