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Life Flight Puts New Helo to Work

By Staff Writer | September 26, 2008
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Wyoming Medical Center's Life Flight Program covers the entire state of Wyoming and, if a higher level of
care is needed, the program will fly a patient into Colorado. Life Flight celebrated its 25 anniversary this summer and the Bell 222 it used had more than 10,000 flight miles on it. The EC-145 they began using last month is  leased from Colorado-based Air Methods. The larger Eurocopter has room for two litters and contains the latest avionics, including autopilot. The quieter ride is also good for patients, crew and hospital workers, "When the Bell took off I felt it," remarked Mike Phillips, a hospital spokesman. "I can hear the new [helicopter] but it doesn't shake the office. I kinda miss  that rumbling." Life Flight began using the three-year-old EC-145 42 days ago and has already run 49 flights. For related news


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