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By Staff Writer | October 1, 2008
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November 2008:

Helicopter Heroism — We present the story of this year’s winner of Rotor & Wing’s esteemed honor for outstanding courage and skill in search and rescue work.

Heroes, Too — We recount the stories of the winners of new awards for helicopter heroism in individual operational categories.


Go/No Go Decision — Past award winners and SAR experts offer their views of how to manage the gut-wrenching decisions involved in launching, continuing or scrubbing a rescue mission.

Training For SAR — We assess the latest efforts of military, police and EMS outfits to prepare their crews for the challenges of SAR work.

Helicopter Heroism Award Judges — Meet the SAR pros who helped us select this year’s award winners.

Helicopters in the Middle East — We bring you the inside scoop on one of the fastest growing helicopter markets, how far it has come, where it is today and what tomorrow may bring.

Bonus Distribution: Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation & Education Conference, Dec. 1-4, Orlando, Fla.; Dubai Helishow, Nov. 11-13, Dubai, UAE.

December 2008:

The Most Comprehensive Buyer Resource Ever Produced in the Rotorcraft Industry —

Thousands of products from hundreds of vendors-sortable and searchable according to the specific airframe makes and models they serve or the specific powerplants where applicable. For the first time, this information will be presented in a single reference encompassing every major turbine and piston helicopter make and model ever produced.

Search for a specific product and find every make and model served by each individual vendor listed. Or search for a specific make and model of helicopter-Bell 407, MD-500, EC135, etc., and then find a list of the vendors who provide products specifically for each of those models.

This all new, exclusive Rotor & Wing database will be rolled-out and presented in our December, year-end, Buyers Guide issue along with full instructions and directions to where you can find the information online, and access the full functionality of this comprehensive database of vendors serving the helicopter market today.

If you are a vendor, there may still be time to have your company and your products included. Go to http://dev.aviationtoday.com/tidvis/user and find the "Click Here" button for your free listing or contact the TID-VIS (Targeted Information Database and Vendor Information System) project manager directly at xpollaro@accessintel.com.

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