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Lockheed Demos Sensor for Apache

By Staff Writer | November 6, 2008
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Lockheed Martin recently conducted a series of test flights demonstrating a new cutting-edge, low-light-level sensor system for U.S. Army Arrowhead®-equipped AH-64D Apache helicopters.  Integrated into the Modernized-Pilot Night Vision Sensor (M-PNVS) system, the Visible/Near Infrared (V/NIR) sensor will provide the warfighter with significant tactical advantages. Pilots will now be able to see cultural and military lighting, providing safer flying conditions and enhanced mission capability by blending V/NIR sensor imagery with M-PNVS forward looking infrared (FLIR) imagery to improve situational awareness in low-light-level conditions. The sensor will also allow aviators to see laser pointers, improving coordination with ground units. Follow-on qualification and flight tests are scheduled for later this year to complete the development program. For related news


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