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Pathfinder Completes First Flight

By Staff Writer | November 14, 2008
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Lockheed Martin completed the first flight of its fully integrated Pathfinder advanced pilotage system on an Army HH-60L Black Hawk medevac helicopter at Felker Army Airfield, Fort Eustis, Va. This flight marks the beginning of the developmental test phase for this cargo and utility aircraft pilotage system, derived from the AH-64D Apache’s Modernized Pilot Night Vision Sensor. Pathfinder significantly increases situational awareness and reduces pilot workload through a head-up, eyes-out, helmet-mounted display. Following the developmental testing, Army aircrews will participate in a limited user test to evaluate the system in an operational environment. According to Lockheed Martin, Pathfinder is the only FLIR system designed and developed specifically to support terrain flight and terminal operations in unimproved landing areas during reduced visibility conditions. Its high definition resolution allows pilots to fly at safer altitudes and airspeeds while providing the necessary information to complete complex missions while avoiding obstacles such as wires, poles and trees. For related news


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