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Aerospace Filtration Systems

By Staff Writer | January 1, 2009
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Regardless of the work you do with your helicopter, Aerospace Filtration systems, Inc., inlet barrier filtration systems can help you do it with greater efficiency and safety.

AFS customers have proven the value of AFS systems in the harshest environments in the world, including tough desert combat operations. While military customers trust their lives and safety to their equipment, commercial operators will see the results where it counts: on the bottom line.

"The reason AFS systems have dominated the military market is easy to understand," said AFS President Michael Scimone. "They work. They prolong engine life. They save money and maintenance tune. Its simple science put to good use keep the dirt out."


The characteristics engineered into AFS systems are what make them the most effective engine filtration systems available. These include:

  • Highly efficient pleated filter media in many configurations

  • separation efficiency of +99% AC fine and AC course test dust

  • Enabling engines to reach established TBO without erosion

  • Significant reduction in overhaul cost with reduced wear

  • Improved engine performance with lower inlet losses than inertial type separators

  • No engine-provided bleed air system required

  • Replaceable/reusable barrier filter elements

  • Standard electrical components

  • Integral filter maintenance aid for "on-condition" health Indication

"AFS filters are easy to install, they last as long as 4,500 hours, they save time and they save money," Scimone said. "Customers are drawn to AFS because of the return on investment they see in these products and the long term benefits they offer."

With AFS barrier filter systems installed, even the most expensive components can survive long past their expected life. For example, a 20,000-hour design life compressor impeller, previously replaced at every 2,000-hour overhaul, due to erosion damage, can endure through, multiple overhauls. Operators can achieve the ROI for a barrier filter system within one engine overhaul cycle even in a relatively clean environment.

Military rotorcraft are commonly protected by AFS filters, including OH-5BA/C/D Klowa, UH-1H Huey, AH/MH-6J/M Little Bird, UH-60 Blak Hawk, AH-64 Apache, and CH-47 Chinook helicopters.

AFS filters certified for commercial rotorcraft consist of Bell 205, 206B, 206L-1/3/4, 407, and 429, MDHI MD 500 and MD 900/902, Eurocopter AS350, EC-130, and AW119/AW119 Ke. Expect to see certification for Bell 430 and AgustaWestland AW109E/S and AW139 systems soon.

"Use of AFS systems by commercial operators is expanding rapidly," said AFS Marketing and sales director, Robert Stenberg. "Operators continue to seek opportunities to extend the life of their equipment as they accept new and more challenging missions in environments that often are remote and climatically difficult."

Nearly two years ago, AFS was acquired by the Donaldson company, a worldwide leader in air and liquid filtration systems. This assures AFS will continue to be a leader in aerospace filtration products. "Being part of the most prestigious filtration solution company in the world, with the most advanced technology at our fingertips, we are the best long-term solution," Scimone said.

AFS, a wholly owned subsidiary of Donaldson, maintains its business operations in St. Louis. AFS products are available directly from AFS or its dedicated distributors.

For more information: Aerospace Filtration System, Inc., Sales and Marketing, 636-300-5200,

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