Thanks to innovative design, quality excellence, and total customer support, Air Comm Corporation is a recognized leader in aircraft climate control systems. Air Comm heaters and air conditioners provide outstanding performance, from the 120° deserts of the Arabian Peninsula to -40° in the Canadian Arctic. In extreme environments, our systems are often considered mission-essential equipment.

Air Comm’s customers include operators, service centers and manufacturers. Our kits are shipped to them all complete with all hardware for installation, and detailed installation drawings, instructions, Service and Flight Manual Supplements.

The Maintenance-Free Heater


In 1987, Air Comm developed a new concept in helicopter cabin heating: The maintenance-free, Miniature Ejector Bleed Air Heater. For the first time, warm air was delivered directly where it was needed – at the feet of the helicopter crew and passengers, and at the base of the windshield for defogging; all while eliminating heavy, expensive, high-amp blowers and ducting.

Effective Cooling – The Critical Measure of Air Conditioner Performance

Similarly, Air Comm’s R&D has resulted in the most advanced, highest performance air conditioners available. While all air conditioner manufacturers cite impressive BTU capacity, BTU output is less important than what we call "effective cooling." Simply put, effective cooling means putting the greatest airflow at the coldest temperature directly on the crewmembers or passengers.

Air Comm’s research demonstrates that conditioned air that is forced through long, convoluted ducts loses much of its velocity, and can gain more than 15° F between the evaporator and the outlet, making evaporator BTU capacity a secondary consideration.

This is why all Air Comm air conditioners feature dedicated cabin and cockpit evaporators. At least one dedicated evaporator is critical to effectively cool the cockpit "greenhouse." Adherence to this design philosophy is why Air Comm has dozens of satisfied customers in countries such as Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, and Malaysia.

Uncompromising Quality

Air Comm prides ourselves on providing safe, reliable products that meet or exceed customer expectations. To achieve this, we maintain the highest caliber Quality Control department. Air Comm’s systems are inspected at three different points during the manufacturing process to ensure completeness and accuracy. Moreover, Air Comm’s quality system is compliant to Mil-45208 and AS-9100. Our quality control personnel ensure that every system shipped is built to exacting standards and functionally tested before it leaves the facility.

Total Customer Support

Our Customer Service department is unmatched in the industry in terms of the level of support we provide to our customers. Our personnel have traveled worldwide to provide training, installation, and technical support. Consignment spare parts inventories for large fleet operators, and online access to system service manuals are just a few of the benefits Air Comm’s service department provides for our customers.

The bottom line: Air Comm is dedicated to supporting our customers and providing the best possible products to the helicopter marketplace; products that enhance the value of the helicopter, and also the value of the flying experience. In any environment, Air Comm’s ruggedly designed, high performance systems ensure optimal passenger comfort and crew performance.

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