We know our genes determine physical attributes, such as hair and eye color and many believe they determine, or at least influence, how we act and behave. How one behaves undeniably plays a role in the outcome of that person’s life. ARG/US believes that a company’s outcome is also influenced by how it behaves. A company’s behavior may not stem so much from its chemical make-up as it does its cultural makeup. Translated into the world of aviation, ARG/US believes that a culture containing a strong safety "gene" backed by experienced employees, excellent tools and training, and a commitment to continuous improvement of routine safety procedures will yield a safe operation.

ARG/US (Aviation Research Group, U.S.) was founded in 1996 by Joseph J. Moeggenberg, and since then has come to be relied upon by companies that manufacture, finance, operate, use, maintain and market commercial and business aircraft. ARG/US has developed a proprietary method of collecting and vetting vast amounts of data on aircraft operations, incidents, accidents, enforcement actions and, more from numerous government sources. When used together, this data can provide an operator and passenger with the actual safety history of all components making up a flight including the aircraft operator, the pilots, and the aircraft itself. ARG/US took this one step further by creating a Safety Auditing program using both regulatory and industry-determined best practices to define a standard against which aircraft operators could be evaluated. The results of an actual on-site audit used in conjunction with proprietary historical data allows ARG/US to issue ratings on operators that reflect their demonstrated use of safety practices in their daily operations and actual safety history. This unbiased rating system is highly respected by both aircraft users and operators.

ARG/US has continued to develop programs designed to support aircraft operators in their efforts to maximize their commitment to safe operations. These include Safety Management Systems, safety training programs, and specialized audit services such as Preparation Audits, Gap Audits, and Ground Operations Audits.


ARG/US recognizes the unique and challenging environment that distinguishes helicopter operations from other air transportation alternatives. For that reason, we have invested heavily in the development of Safety Audits, Safety Management Systems, and Training Programs designed specifically for companies involved in helicopter operations.

ARG/US is dedicated to putting safety on your side. Call us or visit our website www.aviationresearch.com to learn how ARG/US can support your commitment to building or refining your company’s safety culture.


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