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Rotorcraft Report: Aircrew Reports Near Collision… with UFO

By Staff Writer | January 1, 2009
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A British police helicopter crew reported a near collision with an unidentified flying object over Birmingham, England. The pilot and two observers described the UFO as a small craft with blue-green lights that closed to within 330 ft of their helicopter, circled it, and flew away.

"The helicopter was conducting a search at the time and was flying slowly at low-level," a West Midlands police spokesman said.


Birmingham Airport personnel did not record anything on their radar and suggested the helicopter crew may have seen a radio-controlled model aircraft. R/C hobbyists, however, dismissed that explanation, saying model aircraft do not fly at 1,500 ft. where the alleged sighting took place.

The crew filed an official report of the Nov. 21 incident with the UK Airprox Board, the body responsible for enhancing air safety.

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