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By Staff Writer | January 1, 2009
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Everything We Do Flies

Schweizer Aircraft Corp. has been a leader in the design and manufacture of commercial and military aircraft since 1939. Schweizer Aircraft has manufactured over 6,000 aircraft and is known worldwide for its sailplanes, agricultural aircraft, helicopters, surveillance aircraft and unmanned vehicles.

Schweizer’s light helicopters, such as the 300C and 300CBi, are primarily used for both commercial and military training, light utility, law enforcement, agriculture, and pipeline/powerline patrol. Known for durability and safety, these aircraft are operated in more than 70 countries.


Reconnaissance aircraft produced by Schweizer include the SA 2-37B and the SA 3-38B. The SA 2-37B has a 300-400 pound payload, while the SA 3-38B has an 800 pound payload. Both of these fixed-wing aircraft have low operational costs and very low noise signatures, making them excellent in the surveillance and patrol markets.

In addition to its helicopter and fixed-wing business sectors, Schweizer Aircraft also operates Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation’s Military Derivations Completion Center (MDCC). Final assembly, completions, flight tests, and special mission equipment are all part of the services available at the MDCC.

Schweizer also serves as parent company Sikorsky Aircraft’s rapid-prototyping facility. The most recent accomplishment of this business sector is the X2 technology demonstrator which completed first flight on August 27, 2008. Key technologies’ used by the X2 include fly-by-wire control system, active vibration control, and an advanced coaxial rotor system design.

As the rapid-prototyping facility for parent Sikorsky Aircraft, Schweizer completed the first flight of the X2 technology demonstrator on August 27, 2008

Schweizer Aircraft serves many markets in today’s aerospace industry with its wide range of products and is dedicated to meeting the changing technological demands of the global aerospace community. It has a skilled workforce, outstanding engineering and manufacturing capabilities, and a commitment to Total Quality. The competitive global marketplace of the 21st century demands products with outstanding performance, quality, and value; and Schweizer’s proprietary products exemplify all of these characteristics. Everything we do flies.

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