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"Robbie" Book Makes Debut

By Staff Writer | January 7, 2009
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To learn about a Robinson helicopter, one must read its pilot’s operating handbook. To learn about the people who fly them and put them to use, one should read the newly released book entitled Robbie: The Robinson Helicopter Experience by Jon Davison. The 223-page, coffee table-quality book is packed with hundreds of color photographs taken from around the globe, and includes first-person accounts of everything its pilots and owners love about them.  From the streets of Boston to the rice fields of Cambodia, from the mountains in Alaska to the plains of Australia, Davison shows the popular R22 and R44 working and playing through breathtaking air-to-air and ground-to-air photographs never seen before. The book is distributed by Flying M Productions of Wickenburg, Ariz. For related news 


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