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By Staff Writer | February 1, 2009
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March 2009:

Silver State Helicopters - It’s been a year since the sudden demise of what was advertised as the largest non-military flight training academy in the world. How has the fallout affected those who were associated with it?

Training: Soup to Nuts - We’ll look at what it takes to earn a rotorcraft pilot’s license and which ratings are truly worth something in today’s job market.


Avoiding Failure - Experts explain how to properly prepare a student for a helicopter checkride.

How It’s Done: Engine Overhauls - In the second of a new series that explains how things are done, R&W will reveal how a helicopter engine is taken apart, inspected, reassembled and tested.

April 2009:

Aircraft Security - Hangar, apron and helicopter security technology are examined with an eye toward protecting passengers, crew and aviation assets in a sometimes dangerous world.

How It’s Done: Avionics - Find out what’s inside those instrument housings and how technicians build and install them.

Airborne Gadgets - No, not the kinds of things the pilot wants up front on the flight deck, but all the techno-toys the boss wants back there in the cabin.

Bonus Distribution: Aircraft Electronics Assoc., April 1-4, Dallas, Tex.

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