Rotorcraft Report: Thailand Buys Simplex Line-Washer

By Staff Writer | April 1, 2009
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Simplex Manufacturing has sold one of its helicopter powerline insulator washing systems in Southeast Asia, the first such sale for the company. The airborne insulator washer has been purchased by the Electricity Generating Authority Thailand (EGAT). Mounted on a helicopter platform, Simplex’s washer system resembles a very long-barreled water cannon that can fire high-pressure spray from a safe distance. Thailand’s power line insulators are vulnerable to corrosion caused by saltwater mist and bird droppings. Washing them regularly extends their operational lifespan. Previously, this job had to be done by hand.

"We have high hopes that our Thailand sale will open the Southeast Asian market to our products," said David George, Simplex’s director of business development.

At press time, the Simplex system had been installed and given airworthiness approval. EGAT plans to open a regional training center to develop new powerline washing methods.


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