North Sea Recovery Concludes As Union Fumes

By Staff Writer | April 6, 2009
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RAF officials say they have recovered the last of the 16 bodies aboard a Bond Offshore Helicopters Eurocopter AS332 L2 Super Puma that crashed into the North Sea last Wednesday. Bond immediately ceased flight operations out of what they referred to as respect for the crew and passengers, and to also give employees time to mourn the loss of their coworkers. But angry union officials representing Bond’s offshore workers told Scotland’s Sunday News Herald newspaper that ordering flight crews to return to work two days after the crash was inappropriate, especially since the cause of this accident and the non-fatal February crash of a similar Bond Super Puma into the North Sea have not been determined. Bond supports its decision to resume operations, saying crash investigators have not ordered them to ground their fleet of Super Pumas and that there is no evidence that points to a problem in the remaining fleet that makes them unsafe. For additional information


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