Sikorsky Objects to Claims

By Staff Writer | April 8, 2009
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Trailing yesterday's report from Canada's The Globe and Mail investigation that found that the S-92 was certified to FAA FAR Part 29 Sec.29.927 (c) Category A: Unless such failures are extremely remote, it must be shown by test that any failure which results in loss of lubricant in any normal use lubrication system will not prevent continued safe operation, although not necessarily without damage, at a torque and rotational speed prescribed by the applicant for continued flight, for at least 30 minutes after perception by the flightcrew of the lubrication system failure or loss of lubricant. The language "extremely remote," referring to the chances of losing gearbox oil and still allowing a pilot to fly for half an hour without lubricating oil, is under intense scrutiny following the crash off of Newfoundland last month and the 17 lives that were lost in that crash. For Related News


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