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Military Choppers Get New Life

By Staff Writer | May 8, 2009
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Northwest Helicopters, based in Washington, is an FAA certified repair station that has developed an important niche in the refurbishment of former military helicopters. The company specializes in Bell's UH-1 series, but it has also restored two Cobras and recently sold the refurbished gunship to a civilian customer. Northwest began in 1978, specializing in logging, but has moved into the refurb arena with success. According to the company's Web site, "We have over 16 years of experience with the UH-1H and over 50,000 hours of operational experience. We have rebuilt more than 50 Huey helicopters that have gone to customers all over the world. It took over six years to design [the facility] and two years to build. It can have up to 18 helicopters operating simultaneously in day or night operations. On any given day there are nearly 30 helicopters on site either on the landing area or in any one of the hangars." For related news


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