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Rotorcraft Report: LCT to Battle Zone

By Staff Writer | June 1, 2009
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Boeing’s Apache Longbow Crew Trainer 24 (LCT), which was built for the U.S. Army, is going to be "deployed in theater," said Sarah Hotaling. director of Boeing’s Army, Navy and Marine Corps training systems program. Designed as a full-mission, high-fidelity flight simulator, the LCT 24 is a mobile trainer that can be moved by truck from site to site. The LCT goes to where the pilots are stationed, rather than the pilots coming to it.

LCT 24 is the first Army-acquired mobile trainer to come equipped with Next Generation Flight Model (NGFM) and Common Simulation Framework (CSF). "The NGFM software allows the simulator to respond and operate closer to the real Apache, because it is based upon actual aircraft flight-test data," Hotaling said. "Meanwhile, the CSF makes it easier to develop and upgrade the training software."


The views in the LCT 24’s windows are created using new image-generator technology that provides more realistic high-fidelity landscapes. "You don’t just see idealized views of buildings, but the actual terrain of the locales you are training for, including in urban environments," Hotaling said "Such realism is vital for ensuring that pilots get the best possible training before going on actual missions."

The LCT 24 is the latest LCT delivered to the U.S. Army, but not the last. Three more — 25, 26 and 27 — are on order at press time.

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