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AH-64D Prototype Controls Second Helicopter

By Staff Writer | June 24, 2009
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Boeing reports that its latest version of the Apache attack helicopter, the AH-64D Block III prototype, successfully demonstrated level IV control over an accompanying unmanned aircraft while flying above the Arizona desert on June 8. Level IV connectivity means the crew aboard the Apache could fully control the navigation of the unmanned aircraft system (UAS). In a press release issued by the company, Boeing wrote “The Apache crew received real-time video from the UAS, controlled the UAS’s three navigational-loiter patterns – orbit, racetrack and figure eight – and altered the UAS’s airspeed and altitude.” A photograph released by Boeing shows an Apache flying in close formation with an AH-6 Little Bird, which the company is developing into a platform that can easily be converted between a piloted aircraft and a UAS. For related news


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