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By Staff Writer | August 1, 2009
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MTrax Maintenance Tracking Version 2.0

Keeping close tabs on your aircraft’s maintenance is a top priority. Tdata computerized the solution to this problem by developing MTrax, a maintenance tracking program. Now the company has released version 2.0 of MTrax. With just one license, owners and operators can track an unlimited number of aircraft. Functionally, MTrax keeps an eye on ADs, service information, life-limited components, inspections, overhauls, and even publications. It can meter its tracking on hours, cycles, RIN and/or date. The program’s structure meets FAA record-keeping requirements, and MTrax can produce reports based on due lists, summary lists, maintenance status, and full detail reports. For security’s sake, MTrax Autobackup function creates a complete, verified time-stamped backup of files every time they are accessed. When autobackup files are opened, the work can be seen at different points in the past, before changes were made. Details about MTrax 2.0 can be found at

AMETEK Fuel Gauging System


Accurate fuel gauging is an absolute must in aircraft. Unlike a car, you just can’t pull a helicopter "off to the side of the sky" when the fuel runs out. This is why Carson Helicopters’ Sikorsky S-61 cockpit/avionics upgrade, which was just approved by the FAA and Transport Canada via a supplemental type certificate (STC), includes an AMETEK fuel gauging system. Unlike older passive probe systems, AMETEK’s uses active capacitance probes, fuel quantity signal conditioners, low-level sensors, high-level sensors and pressure transducers to provide accurate fuel measurement. The AMETEK fuel quantity signal conditioner processes signals from active fuel probes located in the tanks. It calculates fuel contents, and produces 0 – 5 VDC outputs for the cockpit display system. For accuracy, each tank has an independent signal conditioner. The forward and aft tank systems include an independent low-fuel level warning function. The AMETEK system is made by AMETEK Aerospace & Defense. For further information:

Merlin S333 AATD Simulator

Merlin Simulation has just delivered its first Sikorsky S333 Pro Series AATD flight simulator to Rotors of the Rockies — a flight school based at Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport in Broomfield, Colo. The new S333 simulator offers "new generation’" features such as advanced technology, superior visual imagery, and true flight modeling that was previously only available in high-end flight training devices. According to Merlin, the S333 simulator offers a nearly 180-degree field of view using high resolution graphics; high fidelity cockpit and systems replication, including engine start up and shut down with all of the associated malfunctions; and an easy-to-use instructor station with record/playback functions. The S333 also has a Garmin 530 GPS/Nav/Comm moving map display. All told, this AATD provides students with a realistic and complex flight environment, with lots of room for things to ‘go wrong’. Find out more at www.MerlinSimulation.Com.

AviIT eManWeb

eManWeb is a web-based solution to carrying and constantly updating aviation technical manuals. Made by AviIT, eManWeb is a server-based product that allows companies to save, edit and store technical documents formatted in PDF, SGML and XML. These documents can then be accessed by pilots and maintenance personnel via ethernet or wifi connections on desktop/laptop computers, PDAs, and tablet PCs. The EManWeb solution has recently been adopted to store and distribute all Metro Aviation technical publications, OEM applications, ERP programs, electronic files, and other company maintenance documentation to all authorized users via the eManWeb portal. "Very seldom does a product come along that has the potential to truly and substantially reduce work load, increase productivity and assure compliance with the Federal Aviation Regulations like eManWeb," said Milton K. Geltz, Metro Aviation’s managing director. A demo version of eManWeb can be obtained at

REBTECH’s Night Vision Cockpits

REB Technologies’ night vision systems are catching on with EMS providers. In fact, Air Evac Lifeteam EMS recently contracted this Bedford, Texas supplier of NVG equipment to modify 32 more of its EMS helicopters, following REBTECH’s successful modification of 17 aircraft. Through its REBTECH division, the company provides a total NVG package to include NVG modification kits, NVG goggles and flight training. The NVG kits include modifications to the existing cockpit lighting and cabin lighting as well as external lighting such as the beacon and positional navigation lights. Meanwhile, Aero Instruments, another division of REB Technologies, handles the installation and servicing of NVG equipment within the aircraft. This includes internal modifications to instruments, avionics as well as external modifications to displays. The end product represents the most advanced and convenient NVG system available today in the civil market. REBTECH is a distributor of NIVISYS NVAG-6 night vision goggles, the only TSO’ed NVG on the market, REBTECH currently holds 18 rotorcraft STC’s with several more in progress. Want to know more? Check out

Frasca EC-135 Flight Training Device

Frasca’s EC-135 flight training device (FTD) is a dual certified (JAA FTD 3 and JAA FNPT 3 MCC) trainer for the Eurocopter EC-135 helicopter. Frasca’s EC-135 FTD features a TruVision visual system with 200-degree horizontal x 60-degree vertical field of view for the "pilots." The system uses high-resolution projectors to create realistic imagery drawn from Frasca’s highly detailed database. The EC-135 FTD also includes simulated EFIS and VEMD displays, flight test validation data, electric control loading, multi-channel sound simulation and NVG compatibility. Meanwhile, Frasca’s Auto-test utility uses a series of sensors and software to automatically fly the FTD though the required JAA maneuvers, record its performance and allow the FTD’s performance to be compared to flight test data from an actual EC-135. The German Bundespolizei has received dual certification for their Frasca-built EC-135 FTD. Learn more about this simulator at

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