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Rotorcraft Report: EMS Helicopter Cuts Lines

By Staff Writer | August 1, 2009
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An EMS helicopter operated by Air Evac EMS unintentionally shut down traffic on Route 50 in Greenwood, W.V. on June 17, 2009, after clipping some power lines. The Bell 206B helicopter, transporting a six year-old seizure victim, hit the lines after taking off in dusk conditions from Route 50. The helicopter landed safely, but the strike caused a fire. It was quickly extinguished by local firefighters. While a ground ambulance took the patient to Ruby Memorial Hospital in Morgantown, the Bell 206B was pushed off the road and the downed power lines were repaired.

"Due to the setting sun in the West, neither the pilot nor the crew were able to visualize the wires," according to Air Evac President & CEO Seth Myers, as reported by the CONCERN Network (which tracks such incidents). No one was injured.


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