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Rotorcraft Report: VH-71 Job Losses Unaffected by Congress

By Staff Writer | August 1, 2009
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Attempts to revive the VH-71 by Congress will not change how many jobs are being lost at Lockheed Martin. "A week after the program was terminated, we announced that we would end up laying off up to 750 people," said Troy Scully, a Lockheed Martin spokesperson. Congressional efforts to bring back the program won’t change this fact: "Unless Congress passes a bill and the President signs it, we have to continue to follow the direction of our client and terminate the program," he told Rotor and Wing.

While efforts to revive the VH-71 program in some shape or form continue, Lockheed Martin has been trying to find new positions for those displaced by the cancellation. Final information as to actual job losses, and who will be affected by them, is expected soon.


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