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Hot Products For the Month of October

By Staff Writer | October 1, 2009
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Vivisun Series of Switches Expands

Fort Worth, Texas-based Aerospace Optics has added the Logic Series to its Vivisun product line. The company says the electromechanical switch is the first of its kind based on an integrated logic circuit. COO Loren Jensen explains that the Logic Series "has a solid-state circuit that allows different poles in the same switch to function as momentary or alternate action without external relays or holding coils, thus simplifying and improving operator interface." The switch can also interface with external sensors for conditional switching or lockout modes and features the ability to reset to safe mode automatically when power is cycled. Aerospace Optics/Vivisun can be reached at 1-888-848-4786 or visit

Rex-Cut Wheels Prevent Paint Failure


Rex-Cut Products of Fall River, Mass. has made available a series of Type 1 cotton fiber abrasive wheels that can be customized for various applications. The Type 1 Wheels are available in a range of sizes and grits that can finish edges and corners to prepare stamped metal parts for powder coating or painting. Rex-Cut says the wheels are suitable for "grinding and blending inconsistencies in the metal’s surface to help the finish adhere properly." Offered in one to four-inch sizes, the wheels are made from laminated non-woven cotton fabric that is pressed and bonded together. Thickness ranges from 1/32 to 1/2 inch, with aluminum oxide or silicon carbide abrasives from 36 to 320 grit. Rex-Cut Products, 800-225-8182 or visit

MX-10 Turret Available From L-3 Wescam

L-3 Communications’ Wescam subsidiary in Burlington, Ontario has unveiled its new MX-10 electro-optical/infrared (EO/IR) turret for small manned and unmanned helicopters. Part of Wescam’s MX-Series, the lightweight unit has six laser and imagine sensors, a four-axis stabilization and an optical bench-mounted IMU. L-3 Wescam planned to demo the new product during Helitech 2009 in late September. For additional details, contact L-3 Wescam at 1-905-633-4000 or visit

Workstation, Benches Among New Offerings From Durham

Durham Manufacturing Co. has introduced a large-format workstation and bolstered its series of workbenches. The Durham, Conn.-based company’s oversize workstation is intended for a wide variety of applications. It features an upper storage cabinet with two adjustable shelves, steel pegboard, panels for mounting small plastic bins, a workbench, a second smaller storage cabinet and two storage drawers. The workstation measures 60-in wide, 30-in deep and 84-in high, with room for files, tools and miscellaneous supplies. According to Durham, all components of the workstation are made of welded, heavy-gauge steel with a durable gray powder coating. The company has also released a series of three heavy-duty workbenches rated at 12,000 lbs. An iron-supported leg frame holds a 3/16-inch-thick steel top plate reinforced with steel gussets at the four corners. A lower shelf with 500 lbs. capacity supplies extra storage space. The three benches in the series consist of 30 x 48, 36 x 60 and 36 x 72-inch versions. The workbenches also come with a gray powder coat. The release follows Durham’s recent introduction of a series of 14,000-lb benches. Durham Manufacturing Co., 800-243-3774 or visit

Toolkit Ideal for Portable Maintenance and Monitoring

Piney Flats, Tenn.-based DART Helicopter Services (DHS) is offering a Eurocopter AS350/355 field toolkit. The portable case carries nearly 30 tools weighing less than 55 pounds. Included in the toolkit are a digital scale, temperature probe, bearings, sockets, seals and wrenches. DHS says that operators can perform field repairs using the kit at a lower cost than using an OEM version. For more information, contact DHS at 1-800-556-4166 or visit

Small, Bright Light Source Intended for Borescopes

Optim Inc. has developed its Portable LED Light Source (PLS). The new light eliminates the need for separate light sources, fiberoptic cables and lamps, according to the company. At three ounces, the unit can be carried in a pocket. It runs on a rechargeable lithium ion battery, making it ideal for situations where no AC power is available. A charger cradle, AC power supply and manual are included with the PLS. Optim can be reached at 1-800-225-7486 or on the web at

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