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2009 Editors’ Choice: Facilities

By Staff Writer | December 1, 2009
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Paravion Technology’s Heliporter

Paravion has been producing the Heliporter for more then 20 years and the design allows one person to easily move helicopters safely and efficiently. Many options are available including lifting from the skid tubes or the cross tubes. The hydraulic system allows for smooth and easy operation into tight areas and the design allows for one unit to move many different types of helicopters. The Heliporter eliminates physical handling of the aircraft for steering, inability to get maintenance stands next to the aircraft with the device in place, the need for multiple people, and the inconvenience of trying to attach to the ground handling lugs in order to move the aircraft. Paravion technology, 1-970-224-3898,

HEATCON’s Portable Autoclave


HEATCON Composite Systems has developed a customizable and innovative positive pressure solution for rotor blade repair that uses only localized heat and shop air to affect the repair. This portable autoclave is a pressure vessel designed to provide controlled temperature, vacuum, and pressure during composite and metal bond repair processes. Instead of heating the total volume in order to achieve the cure temperature, localized heat is applied by the same silicone rubber heater blanket that is used in the hot bonder repair. Two independent 30-amp zones are provided so that more than one repair can be carried out at the same time, or the power supply to the two zones can be combined to carry out a much larger repair. Because only the actual repair area is heated, the volume of air inside the vessel never reaches cure temperature and therefore the cost of using an inert gas as the pressure media is not incurred.
HEATCON COmposite systems, 1-206-575-1333,


SuperAWOS was developed to provide all of the needs of an airport and its pilots in a one-piece, plug and play solution. The system provides traditional AWOS weather-only information and it can help ongoing needs regarding air traffic, windshear, crosswind advisories, fog, and density altitude. The system has a one-time capital purchase and negligible ongoing expense, according to the company. SuperAWOS also gives trending information and alerts when conditions are changing significantly. For instance, instead of saying visibility three, it will say visibility three miles, increasing rapidly. The company says that it is very economical to operate, costing a fraction of what traditional AWOS systems cost per year. POTOMAC AVIATION TECH GROUP, 1-800-207-8999, WWW.SUPERAWOS.COM


The Heliwagon is an advanced remote controlled landing dolly. It allows users to take a helicopter in and out of the hangar without ever leaving the cockpit. This wireless remote-controlled landing dolly allows for safe transport of skid-equipped helicopters along taxiways and enables the pilot or ground crewman to have 360-degree walk around visibility and positive control during aircraft movement on the ground, eliminating damage and hanger rash to the helicopter. HeliWagon is engineered to provide an extremely stable, safe landing platform for light to medium skid helicopters. The deck surfaces are coated with a thick, tough durable spray-on, non-skid polyurethane liner that is resistant to fuels, hydraulic fluids and most chemicals. We observed the Heliwagon being used by one manufacturer at the Airborne Law Enforcement Association (ALEA) show earlier this year and people were fighting over who got to operate it! HeliWagon, 1-208-215-5648,

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