During the past 15 years, Aero Dynamix (ADI) has become a leader in the night vision modification industry. Currently the company employs more than 60 night vision professionals and is growing rapidly.

As an FAA-certified Repair Station (C73R723N), Aero Dynamix offers a full line of services in the instrument/avionics repair field. They have 15 FAA-certified repair technicians on staff to meet customer demands for avionics repairs. ADI also employs a certified A&P technician.

Aero Dynamix also offers its customers around the world the ease of having their instruments modified internally without having the OEM warranty voided. With agreements from major OEM companies like Honeywell, Garmin, Rockwell, Collins and many more, ADI has the authority to open an avionics unit, modify the internal lighting to be compatible with goggles, and not void the manufacturer’s warranty.


ADI offers an engineering and manufacturing department that can design and build edge lit panels and NVIS overlay panels for various fixed wing and rotor wing aircraft. This cuts down on production time and risk for completing a project since all work is performed internally and there are no third party vendors to coordinate with. Using state-of-the-art machinery, ADI ensures the highest levels of quality are always met.

Each civil aircraft that is modified by Aero Dynamix is fully certified and STC’d by the FAA, meeting all of the regulatory guidance standards. Aero Dynamix is privileged to say that they have earned 22 multi-ship supplemental type certificates (STCs) in the rotorcraft industry.

Aero Dynamix also has night vision goggle (NVG) certification/repair capabilities and sales. With a 48-hour turnaround time on re-certification of goggles, aviators and operators are able to stay in the air so that they can continue to provide their much-needed mission support.

Because of the anticipated increase in demand for NVG lighting systems in 2010, the company has plans to build a brand new, much larger facility to compliment their growing needs in the industry. ADI plans on moving into the new facility during the summer of 2010.

“As the industry leader, we will continue to grow and support our customers in a way that no other company can,” said Dennis Trout, general manager of Aero Dynamix. He stressed that crew safety, mission accomplishment and ensuring the total life-cycle support to the customer is critical to the success of Aero Dynamix.

Aero Dynamix, Inc. 3227 W. Euless Blvd. Suite 300 Euless, TX 76040 Phone: 1-817-571-0729 Fax: 1-817-283-5432 Web: www.aerodynamix.com

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