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By Staff Writer | January 1, 2010
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The industry leader in aircraft climate control systems continues to advance its technologies, expand its reach, and introduce new products and services.

Air Comm Corporation is a company on the move. The Boulder, Colo.-based firm reached new levels of success in 2009, and 2010 is shaping up to be another strong year. Recent milestones and achievements include:
• Certification of a new heating and air conditioning system for the Bell 429 helicopter
• Ongoing , stellar support of the UH-72 Lakota, including delivery of more than 40 heating and air conditioning systems to date
• Shipment of nearly 300 UH-60A/L and UH-60M BLACK HAWK cabin heaters, supporting U.S. forces at home and abroad, and special recognition from the 101st Airborne Division thanking Air Comm for its exceptional products and support during their deployment to Afghanistan
• Implement at ion of a “ kits on demand” program, enabling immediate delivery of the most in-demand
Bell, Eurocopter, and Sikorsky heaters and air conditioners
• Completion of a comprehensive 12,000 square foot facility renovation and expansion that included a modernized production area, and significant new office space
• Rollout of a new company web site ( and newsletter
• Pending AS -910 0 certification (expected mid-December 2009)
…And that’s not all.

Company President Keith Steiner says Air Comm has big plans for Heli-Expo 2010, including new parts packages, preshow specials, and an exciting new service and support program called “On Demand.”
Air Comm’s mainstay continues to be superior engineering and technologies that have resulted in the most effective, reliable, high-performing products suitable for the most demanding conditions. ACC air conditioners are designed to maximize effective cooling by placing multiple evaporators close to air outlets, minimizing temperature gain and airflow loss through long ducts. No other system can match the effective cooling of an Air Comm system, ensuring the comfort of passengers and maximizing the efficiency of aircrews. The ACC heater is a mini-ejector system engineered to provide optimal output in the most extreme conditions, at less than cabin ambient noise levels. Simple and elegant, the system delivers warm air where needed without the use of blowers and ducting.
Twenty-two years after the company’s founding, more helicopter owners and operators use Air Comm Systems than any other manufacturer. It’s a fitting legacy for an industry-leading innovator, and a strong indication that the best is yet to come.
For more information, contact: Keith Steiner, President, Phone 303-440-4075,


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