REBTECH, a division of REB Technologies, was founded in 1996 by Dick Borkowski. He had firsthand knowledge of night vision goggle (NVG) green filters and the problems associated with light transmission and color rendering. Borkow- ski’s goal was to create NVG lighting solutions for military and civilian pilots alike.

Although the company started in 1996, its three main principals have been working in the NVG lighting industry since 1988. Right from the start, REBTECH decided to stand out from other existing NVG modification companies by focusing on new technology as opposed to relying on 20-year-old technology, i.e. post-lights, flood lights, ring-bezels, and filtering external lights.

REBTECH developed Shadows Screens. These screens reduced infrared (IR) light emitted by instruments without altering their color quality. Shadows Screens have proven to be a reliable and sturdy NVG product. Imitations of the Shadows Screens concept can be seen today being used by every NVG modification company.


Today, REBTECH provides customer-specific equipment installation and modification based on flight department requirements, for aircraft from Bell Helicopter Textron, Eurocopter, MD Helicopter, Robinson and Sikorsky.

Bell Helicopter and American Eurocopter have selected REBTECH night vision cockpit installations for each of their respective factory initial and recurrent NVG training courses. REBTECH also offers certified night vision initial and recurrent flight crew training to civilian and military students in association with Night Flight Concepts (NFC) of Port St. Lucie, Fla.

“We keep researching and developing better and more efficient filters and components every day,” says President Richard Borkowski. “The filters we are using today are far better than the ones we utilized just three years ago.”

REBTECH is the preferred choice for NVG illumination and aircraft modifications. Just ask a customer: “We did an extensive analysis of the NVG modification companies in the market and felt that going with REBTECH provided us with the best lighting, service and safety for our missions,” says Jack Reichert, former chief pilot, Texas Department of Public Safety. 

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