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Rotorcraft Report: Quad Tiltrotor on Ice

By By Richard Whittle | January 1, 2010
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The partners who build the V-22 Osprey apparently no longer see eye-to-eye on trying to sell the military a C-130-sized tiltrotor for the Air Force-led Joint Future Theater Lift program, a project to build a big cargo plane that can take off and land in tight spots. Boeing and Bell Helicopter long planned to build their Quad TiltRotor—two wings and four tilt-able rotors—together if they ever got a customer. Bell still hopes the QTR could be an option for JFTL if the Pentagon includes vertical lift in its requirements, says Rich Linhart, vice president for military business development. Phil Dunford, vice president of Boeing Rotorcraft Systems, however, says his company has stopped spending on the QTR because “we don’t think it’s the option we want to go forward with.”


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