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Boeing Apache Trainers Come Online

By Staff Writer | March 1, 2010
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Capt. Jeremy Duff, a battle commander for the 1st Attack Reconnaissance Battalion, 10th Combat Aviation Brigade, uses an Apache Longbow Crew Trainer (LCT) to prepare for various missions in Iraq. U.S. Army/Terry Moore

The U.S. Army has declared five recently delivered Boeing AH-64D Apache Longbow Crew Trainers (LCTs) “ready for training.” According to Boeing, the delivery of five Apache trainers in 2009 stands as the largest yearly number to date for the model. The manufacturer has handed over a total of 29 LCTs through early 2010.

Four Army sites and one Egyptian Air Force location are the recipients of the five LCTs delivered in the past year. The Army base at Fort Hood, Texas received two trainers, and one LCT each went to Fort Drum, N.Y. and Illesheim, Germany, in addition to the Egyptian Air Force site. Boeing plans to hand over three more LCTs to the U.S. Army in 2011 and 2012. One will go to the Department of Defense, one to the National Guard as part of a modernization program, and the third may be used as a development platform. (From March 2010 Rotorcraft Report)


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