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Hot Products April 2010

By Staff Writer | April 1, 2010
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SRVIVR Cockpit Recorder Available from L-3

L-3 Electrodynamics is introducing the SRVIVR family of Cockpit Voice Flight Data Recorders (CVFDR), a state-of-the-art crash survivable recorder designed to meet the new FAA mandate for flight recorders. Offering the smallest and lightest CVFDR on the market today, SRVIVR is available with a variety of air vehicle interfaces providing flexibility for its use on a broad range of helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft. It is available as a CVR, FDR, or Combi unit and complies with EUROCAE ED-112. It provides up to 2 hours of audio, 25 hours of flight data at 64 to 2048 wps, TSO-C177 data link recording, and a rotor speed interface. SRVIVR was also designed to interface directly with digital cockpit display systems via ARINC-429, RS-422, or Ethernet, potentially eliminating the need for a separate Flight Data Acquisition Unit. SRVIVR is scheduled to be approved to TSO-C123b, TSO-C124b and TSO-C177 by mid-2010. Contact L-3 by phone at 1-847-660-1790 or visit

TSL-1600 Searchlight from Revue Thommen


Waldenburg, Switzerland-based Revue Thommen has unveiled its new TSL-1600 helicopter searchlight. The company obtained a licensing agreement early in 2010 from Transas, a Russian company that designed the searchlight. Under the agreement, Revue Thommen will sell and market the TSL-1600 worldwide, except in Russia, and hold the technical and design data for the unit, as well as full production authority. To find out more about the TSL-1600, contact Revue Thommen at 1-972-588-1811 or go to

AFS Adds to FASTTrack Capabilities

New features are available for the Absolute Fire Solutions (AFS) FASTTrack event logging hardware and PCTrac software platforms. FASTTrack can now log belly tank, fixed-wing tanker, drip torch, and health and usage monitoring (HUMS) data, in addition to its standard features. “Fire agencies worldwide are beginning to request accurate fill and drop data to improve their own capabilities and efficiencies,” says AFS President Steve Matthews, adding that FASTTrack “can provide this data across the wide spectrum of buckets and tanks currently in use.” For more information about FASTTrack, contact AFS at 1-403-291-2044 or visit

Becker Avionics Hands Over First MR510

German electronics maker Becker Avionics has started delivering its new MR510 personal locator beacon (PLB), which features an extractable three-band VHF/UHF antenna and integrated GPS antenna in a single unit. Other highlights include COSPAS-SARSAT certification, multiple emergency bands (121.5, 243.0 and 406 MHz), two-way VHF/UHF voice communication, remote voice activation and the ability to send omni-directional transmissions for 24 hours at temperatures reaching -20 C, per Class 2 standards. A Class 1 version (24 hours at -40 C) is also available. In addition to aircraft applications, the MR510 can also be used in ground and sea operations. Becker Avionics, 1-954-450-3137 or visit

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