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FAA: FastFin Boosts Load by 57 Percent at 10,000 Feet

By Staff Writer | July 1, 2010
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FAA testing reveals that the FastFin upgrade for the Bell UH-1H can improve useful load by up to 57 percent. BLR Aerospace

BLR Aerospace has obtained FAA certification for its Bell UH-1H upgrade that involves the FastFin tail rotor enhancement and stability system and Lycoming T53-13B engines. Data from FAA trials shows that helicopters equipped with the upgrade can achieve up to 57 percent increased useful load at 10,000 feet, and 11 percent at sea level. BLR offers the FastFin upgrade on the Bell 204/205/212, Huey II and most UH-1 variants, and is pursuing approval on additional rotorcraft.


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