Here’s a New Twist on Helicopter Sales

By Staff Writer | September 20, 2010
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Is this a new opportunity to pick up a great deal, or is it an all new way to get rid of your excess inventory that is taking up valuable cash and shelf space? Last week, a new company called also went live with their first online auction, following the launch of the new company which features an online auction platform exclusively dedicated to selling aircraft. “Our focus is to provide a global marketplace for owners and operators to sell their idle, surplus, and even obsolete helicopters, airplanes and major components,” states Principal Gregg Groenemann. Those of you who have been around a while may no doubt recognize that last name, as Gregg’s father, Don Groenemann, has been a fixture in the world of helicopter sales for years.

The new company teams Don’s long-time helicopter sales expertise with the long-time heavy equipment auction expertise of partner, AssetNation, where Don’s son, Gregg Groenemann learned the auction ropes. And just for the record, AssetNation is no stranger to aircraft sales themselves, as that company has quietly sold more than 300 aircraft in the past 10 years and collected a worldwide audience of 85,000 qualified commercial buyers to bring to the table.  So those in the helicopter establishment may look at this new venture as either an opportunity to find a few bargains, or an opportunity to unload some older money-sucking inventory that has been filling valuable shelf space for months or years.

The inaugural auction is currently underway. It began on September 9th and will run until September 23rd. It features 22 listings on the auction block with aircraft from: Bristow, Evergreen and Air Methods, in addition to other aviation companies. There is a lot of diversity in the mix – from a Schweizer 300 to a Sikorsky S-76C+. Additionally, there are two medical helicopters, a Beechcraft Bonanza fixed wing, and nine General Electric & Allison turbine engines.


Bids are accepted online at the company’s website and inspections are available starting next week. Questions about buying or selling can be directed to or by calling (800) 490-2375. And just because they like us, the good folks at Aviation Auctions tell us that if you mention that you learned about this auction through Rotor & Wing,  you will be eligible to take advantage of their “Free listing until it sells” promotion.

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