Hot Products October 2010

By Staff Writer | October 1, 2010
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Techtest Offers 503-16 Series CPI Beacon

HR Smith Group subsidiary Techtest Ltd continues to develop its 503 series of Crash Position Indicators to assist operators in the field with the inclusion of built-in GPS, flight data recorder (FDR) memory and cockpit voice memory. Systems are currently in use with all major offshore operators together with armed forces globally. Major helicopter manufacturers worldwide now accept the 503 series as a preferred fit, with more than 800 systems in operation. More details are available by calling Techtest at +44 156 870 8744 or visiting

Low-Cost, High-Quality Headset From DRE


DRE Communications has upgraded its DRE-1001 headset to incorporate various high-end features. Among the additions are gold-plated plugs, a Mil-Spec-compliant cable, full flex boom, dual volume controls and a noise-canceling electret microphone. Available for both helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft, the DRE-1001 supplies 24 db of passive noise reduction, weighs less than one pound and costs around $130, according to DRE. For more details, contact DRE Communications, phone 1-877-987-9977 or visit

Spartanics Unveils Finecut-Plus-Rotary Die Cutting System

Rolling Meadows, Ill.-based Spartanics has introduced its Finecut-Plus-Rotary, a combination rotary die cutting and laser die cutting system. Features include rotary die cutting speeds up to 400 feet per minute; rotary sheeting; semi-rotary die cutting with X, Y registration; and add-on modules for UV coating and lamination. Contact Spartanics at 1-847-394-5700 or visit

Precision Systems Offers Rotor Azimuth Processor for Helicopters

The Aviation Applied Technology Directorate (AATD) has ordered Rotor Azimuth Processors (RAPs) from Horsham, Pa.-based Precision Systems. The processors will be used in a U.S. Army Aviation modernization program. Designed to supply high-resolution rotor azimuth regardless of speed, the RAP provides a method for analyzing rotor conditions in all phases of flight. It records main rotor azimuth to +/- 0.5 degrees and tail rotor azimuth to +/- 5 degrees. RAP can be configured to any helicopter type, supplying flight data, including rotor blade stress points and characteristics, while reducing impulse noise and troubleshooting aircraft problems. Contact Precision Systems, for additional information, phone 1-215-672-1860 or visit

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