NTSB Recommends Hudson Revisions

By Staff Writer | November 5, 2010
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The U.S. National Transportation Safety Board has sent a series of recommendations to FAA involving the Hudson River airspace around New York City. Two months after the August 2009 mid-air collision of a helicopter and small aircraft over the Hudson, FAA established new airspace rules separating aircraft transiting the river from local tourism traffic in the corridor. NTSB’s latest recommendations stem from the September 2010 release of its multi-faceted probable cause of the accident. NTSB is tasking FAA to: develop standards for rotorcraft electronic traffic advisory systems that address the helicopter’s ability to hover and fly at lower altitudes than fixed-wing aircraft and conduct missions in a variety of settings; and redefine the boundaries of the East River CTAF so that the Downtown Manhattan heliport will be within the Hudson River CTAF.
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