Hughes Aerospace Corp.

By Staff Writer | January 1, 2011
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Houston-based Hughes Aerospace Corp. provides integrated systems solutions to operators, regulators, facilities, ATMBs and OEMs worldwide. Our products and solutions are highly specialized and we have extensive experience with helicopter operators, corporate and air carrier aircraft.

Our emphasis is on NextGen/CNS technologies and their inter-relationship with SMS and flight operations. Other targeted services we provide as integrated or individual solutions are:

â–  PBN Procedure Design
â–  SMS Programs
â–  Satlink/Datacom
â–  ATM Services
â–  Automated Weather & ATC Communications Platforms


Hughes Aerospace develops a totally integrated airspace solution that increases safety, access and reliability while reducing costs and environmental impact. Utilizing the latest technologies in performance-based navigation (PBN) procedure design and integration, offering RNAV/RNP, WAAS LPV and ground-based augmentation procedures, Hughes' philosophy is to provide the ultimate value and satisfaction to its customers while incorporating all aspects of a project and delivering far more than an instrument approach.

Hughes is uniquely positioned to offer not only RNAV/RNP, but qualified to deliver the more precise three dimensional paths of WAAS LPV and GBAS GLS augmented GPS navigation procedures. WAAS LPV differential GPS offers superior accuracy, provides lower minimums and a higher margin of safety than non-augmented or “raw” GPS navigation.

Hughes offers datacom solutions that will provide your aircraft with wireless connectivity for AOC, ATS and passenger communications. We can supply solutions involving satellite-based voice and data communications that will increase safety and reliability while reducing operational costs. Hughes can also integrate peripherals such as electronic flight bags, in-flight passenger entertainment, tactical voice and data communication networks.

Hughes understands the challenges and evolving regulatory landscape today. We offer safety management solutions that provide an integrated business program, conforming to current and proposed regulatory compliance requirements. We understand the complex inter-relationships of technology, training, operations, maintenance and customer service. â– 

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